• Storefront Marketing, straight from the cloud.

    Edit, produce and send your marketing materials, anytime from anywhere. TOTUS gives you total access so you can turn projects faster, smarter and for less.

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  • Find your niche

    Produce totally customizable, highly-targeted marketing elements that you can create, edit, print and ship, right from your browser

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  • Change your channels

    From direct mail and email marketing to branded collateral and print ads, TOTUS can help you create consistency and make the most of your marketing mix.

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  • Don’t just manage your data. Engage it.

    Whether you’re creating micro-lists for your salesforce or using advanced customer segmentation, TOTUS helps you squeeze every last ounce from your database.

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  • Easily stay within your set spending goals.

    Spend only exactly what’s in your budget, plus create, measure and optimize trackable metrics within campaigns.

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  • Reporting, Live

    Generate realtime, CFO-adored reports, indicating everything from inventory and expenses to effectiveness and click-thru rates.

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Marketing Depts

Get more done, with less. From custom presentations to direct marketing campaigns, easily push branded materials to your team, anywhere in the world with a web connection.

Creative Agencies

You know all those services too expensive to add in-house? That's where we come in. Add big agency-style customization, analytics, database management and speed, all while managing your costs.

Print Shops

Fulfillment. List management. Email marketing. Tech support. It's easy to help your clients make smarter marketing decisions when you have powerful tools at the ready, available 24/7 in the cloud.

Marketing Depts

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Efficiency: Just what the balance sheet ordered.

Smart cost-controls, detailed reporting and less agency-costs. What's the catch right? TOTUS helps you do all this, plus create totally customizable, cross-channel marketing touchpoints that are on-brand and on-budget. Whether you're a one-man army promoting a small business or a gear in the engine of a major corporation, we can help you make every aspect of your marketing happen in a way that cuts cost, gains efficiency and makes everybody (especially the higher-ups) happy.

This Changes Everything

Never again say, "We can't do that."

You know all those projects you felt were out of your reach? Neither do we. TOTUS helps you add onto your team and expand your capabilities overnight. It's like having a room full of marketing specialists in house, without all that overhead and salary stuff. Whether you need expertise in direct marketing and list management or sales collateral and presentation materials, TOTUS makes your team bigger, smarter and faster.

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Direct Benefits

Crazy efficient solutions for direct marketing.

Good data leads to better results. TOTUS helps you analyze and maximize both. We've created a seamless process that helps you not only check, approve and distribute direct marketing materials, but it also tracks and reports on just how well your pieces are performing. Plus, we've also developed tools that help you tightly manage your budget along the way.

It's Good to Share

See everything from anywhere.

Great marketing materials are meant to be shared, whether with clients, customers or sales teams. That's why TOTUS is completely cloud-based, so no matter where you are, your stuff is readily available 24/7. That presentation with all the new sales numbers? Cloud. That customizable ad template your regional sales team needs yesterday? Cloud. The key metrics around your last email marketing initiative? Cloud. Proof to your boss how awesome you're team is doing? Cloud.


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Creative Agencies

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Take all the credit.

The only thing better than a job well done is getting credit for it from your clients. All of our services are 100% white label, meaning our solutions are your solutions. Plus, TOTUS gives your design team the ability to keep the creative quality high, while you get to keep your execution costs lower. And with our detailed reporting and cross-channel integration, your clients are going to love it.

Cut Out the Payment Cycle

Improve your cash flow

When you make TOTUS part of a client solution, your agency ceases to carry many of the costs associated with the traditional production model. Whether your clients fund their accounts in advance or pay as they go, you get paid for jobs when the order is placed. And, because TOTUS is a cloud-based solution (rather than a software package) no IT burden is placed on your agency.

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Client Cost Management

Turn production dollars into billable hours

Clients manage internal resources easily and wisely with the transactional platform of TOTUS - allocating resources and creating materials only as needed in the short term. Inventory and obsolescence can be eliminated, producing truly significant cost savings. These savings become dollars available to your agency for additional projects - dollars you can put to more profitable use.

Stay in Control

Fully integrate with your client's business

By managing your client's assets, you gain a deeper understanding and more complete involvement with their business - and your role in their success expands to include asset utilization, resource and budget allocation management, forecasting, and more. TOTUS delivers the data to you, while you deliver the insights and opportunities to your business.

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Print Shops


Printing is only the beginning.

Get ready to hear, "I didn't know you guys could do all that!" For print shops in particular, TOTUS provides a whole new suite of tools to serve your customers. With our print and fulfillment services, list management and email marketing solutions, you can do far more and waste far less. And with our advanced set of reporting and budget tools, you'll feel more like a hero than a vendor to your clients.

Variable Publishing

Personalization and customization at your fingertips

From invitations to welcome packages, the impact that personalization can have on any document can't be denied. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to organize, arrange and proofread such documents on a large scale. TOTUS is rewriting, literally, how people at all levels can take advantage of variable publishing - customization, personalization and much more. 

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Powerful Capabilities

Easy-to-use publishing toolbox for professional results

Resizing and positioning - TOTUS allows design elements such as text, images and shapes to change size and position automatically depending on the size of the variable content in each document. TOTUS does all the heavy lifting so your projects and campaigns have professionally-designed graphic quality.

One Team, One Vision

Keep everyone on the same page

TOTUS puts you in total control of a unified sales strategy. You determine what's available, how it is to be used, and how much each member of the team can spend on materials. Most importantly, you and your team share the intuitive TOTUS dashboard, the portal to your communications library. What you upload with a click today is in everyone's hands today. 

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