Perfect for different types of industries that have a distributed sales team, group of representatives, or multiple locations.

Financial And Mortgage Industry

Mortgage and Financial services marketing operates in an amazingly fast paced and competitive world. With lots of options for buyers, how can loan officers stand out in a cluttered space? Furthermore, how can corporate marketing ensure that the companies’ message is being heard and compliance regulations are upheld?

Franchise Industry

Franchises have three main concerns: building a brand, recruiting potential franchisees, and serving customers. A corporate office typically oversees the “big picture” issues, including brand supervision, and the local stores focus on customer service. Franchisee profitability depends on brand recognition, and that requires promotional marketing and business development.

Medical Device
Medical Device Industry

Medical device companies can no longer rely solely on demand to drive their sales numbers. It takes marketing efforts to make sure your target audience is getting the information they need about your products and services. When some of the world’s largest medical device companies want to turn prospects into customers, they first turn to TOTUS.

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