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TOTUS is a distributed marketing tool

that centralizes control of your marketing, so you can reach your prospects and customers in an effective, relevant way.

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Create powerful marketing messages

by integrating all your customer data into one place with TOTUS. After all, your marketing is only as good as your data.

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How do I get my data into TOTUS?

We can integrate with any CRM, POS, or propietary system -- from SalesForce to home-grown solutions -- seamlessly load your customer's information into our platform.

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How do I know my data is good?

TOTUS is integrated with NCOA and CASS, so you'll know all your contact information is standardized and correct on mail campaigns and more. Cut down on wasteful spending and reach your targets.

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Where can I purchase data?

TOTUS is partnered with leading customer data providers to give you easy access to hundreds of lists, segmented by demographics that matter to your company.

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What's my message?

Users can create personalized and customized materials using all sorts of data such as purchase history, demographics, and more. Choose whether you let your users change a few words or write their own copy. Add an approval process, or send it straight to the recipient. Marketing is in your control.

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No one has a more extensive list of marketing channels than we do

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You can deliver all material in the collateral library via e-mail directly to your customer. Because e-mail is a fully integrated part of TOTUS, it’s easy to create and send. Your customers' and prospect's communication preferences are stored in TOTUS. And with real time analytics, you can see how your messages are performing.

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Fulfillment / Company Store

TOTUS is a powerful tool that centralizes all customer communications through one easy to use application. Your sales force can use TOTUS to send approved documents, kits or premium items directly to any recipient, using your vendor or ours.

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Print On Demand

TOTUS harnesses the power of variable data printing and then takes it to a whole new level of flexibility with customization options that make the material specific to your recipient. Order as many or as few printed pieces as you need. They’ll be produced by a commercial digital print vendor and sent to you or directly to your customer.

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Campaigns allow multiple documents to be linked together and sent as a multi-step marketing process. Documents will be deployed based on time intervals or actions in the sales cycle and only require a one-click subscription for users. Multiple marketing touches with a simple streamlined process allows your sales team to focus on selling.

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Presentation Builder

In a few easy steps, users can dynamically build and customize PowerPoint presentations that are brand and legal compliant. The output is controlled by the system, so you always know your brand is being represented well.

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TOTUS is a document repository of all types of files including logos, hi-resolution imagery, PDF's, MP3's and audio files. Users can download these or send them via email without having to request the latest and greatest from marketing.

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Social Media

Users can seamlessly post marketing collateral to their favorite Social Media outlet including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. TOTUS takes the guess work out of social media posting and gives you the confidence that the message is brand compliant.

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Adbuilder (digital and print)

Using AdBuilder, TOTUS allows for print and web ads to be dynamically resized to fit any specs. This effectively cuts down on wasted time and dollars spent creating one-off ads when there is only a slight difference in size.

Reporting and measurements

TOTUS has robust out-of-the-box reporting including a campaign dashboard, budget and financial reports, as well as email statistics. We can also build any custom report you might need for specialized reporting requirements.

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