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Marketing Automation in the Medical Device Industry


We recently posted about marketing in the Franchise Industry and the challenges that come with managing a brand in multiple locations. Scalability and messaging are constant concerns – what resonates in one region may fall flat in another. Also, applying a localized message across multiple markets is a daunting task if you are attempting to use manual methods.


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We see these same challenges, along with others, in the Medical Device Industry. Not only are medical device marketers faced with these common marketing hurdles, they are also trying to overcome them in a business based on connecting with people and quickly establishing trust. Medical marketing is as much about establishing relationships as it is about actual marketing. It is imperative that both a personal connection be established, supplemented by solid marketing pieces that promote your brand and explain the benefits of your product.


Top Benefits of Marketing Automation


Similar to the franchise industry, benefits of using a marketing automation platform include:


  • Multi-Channel Campaigns - Now more than ever, it’s imperative that a marketing campaign have the ability to be leveraged in multiple locations at once - whether that be email, social media, direct mail, etc.


  • Brand Consistency - With so many people involved in the medical device marketing chain, your message can quickly be diluted as it moves down the funnel. Marketing automation makes it possible instead to centralize the marketing structure, allowing one main team as much oversight as they choose.


  • Customization - Centralizing a brand is a huge benefit to medical device marketers, however, we don’t want to ignore the importance of adapting to local markets. Your reps know the intricacies of their markets and a marketing automation platform allows for customizable templates to be created. Marketing departments can develop pieces that meet the overall brand standards, but also give franchisees the power to customize according to their local needs.


  • Compliance - Regulation is ever-changing and marketing materials have to be adjusted accordingly. Disclosures, legal language or other required verbiage can be built into design templates and can be automatically populated based on specified parameters.


Build Awareness, Engage Customers and Establish Trust


One of the biggest hurdles in medical device marketing is building trust with your client base. Competition is high and medical professionals are bombarded with new products and messaging on a daily basis. According to the old marketing adage, the Rule of Seven, your prospective customer should hear or see your marketing message at least seven times before they buy it from you.


Since personal relationships are such a purchase driver in the medical device industry, utilizing a marketing automation platform gives newer players a better chance to break through and be seen. At the same time, different messages can be pushed through multiple channels at once and content can be designed specifically for the intended target audience. Some customers will require highly detailed information traditionally found in a whitepaper or a published article, while others may want collateral that speaks directly to patient benefits. This can all be easily managed using a marketing automation platform.


Fortunately, with advances in marketing automation technology, these challenges can be overcome. Medical device marketers can create quality collateral that speaks to localized markets, can be deployed instantly and provides necessary support to sales teams across the globe. 



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