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Marketing Automation: Why You Need It

Marketing Automation. You’ve heard people talking about it for quite a while now. Companies are using it successfully and seeing results, but you’re not entirely clear about what it is and how it will improve your business. We touched on how you can optimize your marketing automation platform in a previous blog post, however, we think it’s important to also talk from a higher level perspective about the benefits of adopting this strategy.

Most likely, you have deployed one-off email blasts or individual marketing campaigns and have seen positive response. If so, that’s fantastic! That’s exactly the goal. Now imagine that all of those campaign or e-blast responses could automatically be linked to specific prospects and sent to your sales team as a qualified lead once they meet a certain criteria. Marketing automation makes that possible and, if that sounds great, we’ve got a list of additional reasons why you need it.

Reasons Why You Need Marketing Automation:

  • Optimize Resources - Long gone are the days of having to write individual follow-up emails every time someone visits your site and signs up to receive more information. Using a marketing automation platform, you can create a welcome email or build a series of emails that automatically get personalized and deployed, leaving you free to focus on other important areas of your business.
  • Lead Nurture - Not every customer is ready to purchase as soon as they express interest. They may want more information or simply need more time for consideration. By creating a nurture campaign, you stay in touch with potential customers and gently lead them down a path to action.
  • Build Brand Awareness - We’re all busy so we know it’s easy to forget about something if it’s not in front of us. Automatic campaigns give you a chance to stay top of mind, tell your story and build trust with your prospects. As marketers, we know that the more touchpoints you have with a prospect, the more likely they are to become a customer.
  • Increase Sales Conversions - Since your campaigns are doing the heavy lifting of filtering levels of interest, the leads that actually get sent to sales are much more qualified. Marketing automation saves time on the front end of the sales cycle, ensures that prospects are further down the funnel and generates a higher level of conversions.
  • Tailor Your Messaging - An automation platform will not only deploy your campaigns according to your rules, it will personalize each email and even has the ability deliver a tailored message based on behavior. For example, let’s say a prospect clicks on a content link in the first email of your campaign. Based on clicked links, your prospects can be sent specific follow up messages or be assigned to your sales team.
  • Tracking/Reporting - A huge advantage of using a marketing automation platform is the ability to easily track behavior and engagement of each prospect. It also provides both sales and marketing teams with instant visibility to data that otherwise may have been time-consuming or nearly impossible to track down. Marketing can see what audiences are most responsive or what content generates the most action. Sales can look at the lead history and know where they are starting.
  • Time is Money - By now it should be clear that a marketing automation platform saves time and helps both your sales and marketing teams operate more efficiently.  By taking the manual requirements out of prospecting and qualifying leads, you free up time to focus on more important things, like taking care of your customers and growing your business. 

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