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How Automated Campaigns are helping the Mortgage Industry

Earlier this summer, we posted some very promising statistics about marketing automation and the incredible results that businesses are realizing after adopting the strategy. We saw, as reported by The Annuitas Group, that businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects see a 451% increase in qualified leads. In addition, Regalix reports that the most commonly used marketing automation features are email marketing (89%), lead nurturing (84%), integrations with other software (CRM, mobile, social media, etc.) for centralizing customer intelligence (80%) and cross-channel campaign management (82%).

While these are broad-spectrum results, we are seeing similar results in more specific industries as well, including the mortgage industry. While additional nuances and government regulations can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, the mortgage industry has found a way to benefit from the efficiency and scalability of this powerful technology. More and more mortgage companies have seen the benefits of marketing automation and are looking for more ways to expand on that that growth.

Automated Campaigns in Mortgage Marketing

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Using automated email campaigns (“drip” campaigns), mortgage marketers can now reach prospects, borrowers and partners without having to spend hours cold calling. In past, staying in touch with your contact list was an arduous, time-consuming task that required numerous piecemeal efforts. Now, with automated campaigns, that can be achieved with a simple, one-click subscription. Not only is staying top of mind that much easier, it’s also more targeted. Individual campaigns can be targeted to specific audiences, ensuring that your message is on point and makes an impact.

Instead of having to choose between a focus on, let’s say new homebuyers and refinance leads, a loan officer or mortgage marketer can create campaigns for each of those groups and run them simultaneously. Messaging, of course, will need to be drastically different - a new homebuyer might need to be walked through the entire process whereas a refinance candidate will be more rate driven and will know what they are looking for. Nurturing is easy using automated campaigns and can be applied to just about any group that you are trying to reach.

Examples of popular automated mortgage campaigns:


  • New Homebuyer - Walk your prospects through the home buying process and prepare them for what’s ahead

  • Credit Repair - Educate unqualified borrowers on how to boost their credit score so they can be ready in the future

  • Newly Closed Loan - Build your relationship by congratulating your borrower and welcoming them to their new home

  • Holiday/Birthday - Let your contacts know you’re thinking of them on special occasions

  • Newsletter - This can be a wide range of topics (i.e. home decor, recipes, current events, etc.), depending on your preferences and designed for you to stay top of mind with your contacts

  • B2B/Partner Promotions - Keep in touch with your realtor and builder contacts

  • Mortgage anniversary - Celebrate the milestone of the biggest purchase in your client’s life

  • Refinance - Reach out when rates change or when timing is right and turn a past customer into a new one


Another benefit of automation is the ability to mine data from your LOS and incorporate it into marketing materials. For example, refinance flyers can be create in a matter of minutes using up-to-date information that already exists in the system, no need to duplicate information.  Rates can be monitored so that when a past client who might have locked at 6% is a candidate to refinance at 4%, the system will automatically filter them out and send a message encouraging them to contact you.

Not every prospect is ready, or qualified, to purchase as soon as they express interest. They might need to improve their finances or may just simply need more time for consideration. By creating an automated email campaign, you can stay in touch with prospects, clients and partners and gently lead them down a path to action.

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