3 Steps for Loan Officers to Get Started with Marketing Automation

In past posts, we have discussed how marketing automation has benefitted different industries, including the mortgage industry. This widely adopted technology has been driving business by automating manual tasks and streamlining outdated processes. While the mortgage industry itself has been slower to jump on board with marketing automation, many loan officers are seeing the potential and moving to those companies that are already using it. For more specifics, we wrote a blog about how marketing automation is helping the mortgage industry. For those loan officers who are ready to start automating their marketing efforts, keep reading.



3 Steps to Get Ready for Marketing Automation

  • Update your database - Any salesperson worth their salt knows that their database is an incredibly valuable tool. Not only does it allow you to keep up with the needs of your existing clients, but is the source of repeat business and referrals. Marketing automation is built on that premise and allows you to automate all of the work entailed with database management. That’s why it’s so important when you are preparing to switch to a mortgage company that already uses an automation platform, that you have your database as cleaned and updated as possible. You don’t want cold leads to start getting contacted again, nor do you want current clients to receive a lead gen campaign. Make sure categories are current and all of your information is clean so that the system can make your job that much easier.

    Also, don’t forget to add yourself to your database. A personal email address is fine, but you’ll want to make sure that you receive the communications that your clients/leads are receiving. That way you know everything is running smoothly and you have an instant reminder of when your materials have been sent out.

  • Decide what strategies you want to use - A huge advantage of a marketing automation platform is the ability to multitask and manage countless contacts at once. You’ll instantly have access to multiple methods of communication - no longer are you limited to phone calls, snail mail and one-off emails - you now have the ability to send targeted content using the method you think will resonate the best. Drip email campaigns are an excellent way to nurture and educate a lead until they are ready to take the next step. Informational flyers can be sent instantly to a client who might be looking to refinance. Social media posts can be created and scheduled to keep your name top of mind.

    Should you want to send the same message using multiple channels at once; a marketing automation platform will instantly resize to fit the specific requirements. You know your audience, so it makes sense that you control how they receive the information you want to send them.

  • Be prepared to respond - The point of marketing automation is to start running more targeted and personalized marketing efforts that engages the customer more effectively. Whereas traditional marketing efforts forced us to blast out messages to as many people as possible and hope that it resonated, targeted and personalized marketing lets you tailor your message to a specific audience and reach out to them on a more personal level.

    With this more intimate communication, comes the responsibility to be prepared to respond when a contact does reach out. They have been guided through a process and are much further down the funnel than a typical lead was in the past - the worst thing you could possibly do is be slow to respond (or not respond at all). One of the responsibilities of letting technology do some of the work for you is to be extra diligent about picking up where it leaves off. Now get ready to convert those leads!


Marketing automation is making its way into the mortgage industry and changing the way that loan officers manage their business. While some companies are slower than others to adopt, others are diving in and seeing immediate results. Many loan officers who are savvy to the impact that it makes are deciding, rather than waiting for their company to make a change, to instead move to a company that already provides that competitive advantage.


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