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Brand Control

For sales and marketing teams, TOTUS allows for ultimate brand control across multiple marketing channels including email, direct mail, advertising, coupons, signage, web banners, interactive PDFs and more. TOTUS centralizes your brand’s messaging giving you complete, tactical control of communication in your organization’s marketing headquarters.

With Brand Control available in TOTUS, you can consolidate your branded materials into a single portal for your team.

Take Total Control of Your Brand

Once TOTUS has been implemented, sales and marketing mangers won’t have to worry about maintaining brand messaging. TOTUS allows multiple levels of customization to meet your organizations brand and legal standards. Once added to the cloud, your sales and marketing materials reside in your online TOTUS library where they can be customized, localized, regionalized, or otherwise modified using only the options you allow. On top of that, any document can go through an approval process prior to being deployed. This approval process can contain one or many steps.

In addition, TOTUS incorporates the communication preferences of your audience, so they receive your messages in the format and on the schedule that they choose. On your end, tracking capabilities allow you to maintain an up-to-date record of the history and status of every customer or prospect relationship.

Maintain Your Messaging

With all documents loaded in TOTUS by a site administrator, users will be able to access the most up-to-date, brand-compliant materials. Simply upload your latest materials and the other members of your team will have instant access via the channel(s) you select. And, TOTUS lets you cut down on costs by eliminating the need to store marketing collateral by printing only what you need, right when you need it.

TOTUS can host an extensive range of documents types from static documents with no user customization available, personalized where users can change simple aspects like contact information or completely customizable documents with variable colors, images, text, and more.

To see Brand Control in action or to learn more about how TOTUS can help you manage your brand, request a demo for a one-on-one consultation with a TOTUS brand control specialist and a quote tailored to your organization.


Note: If you are a TOTUS customer, please contact your account manager for support inquiries.