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3 Campaign Management Problems & Solutions That Work

In a competitive marketing landscape where consumer behavior is ever-changing, ensuring that your campaigns are running effectively and efficiently is pertinent to business success. Staying informed of the many challenges marketers face and the solutions they use to conquer them is one preemptive measure to consider that can help you maximize your campaign’s potential. Below we cover 3 campaign management problems and actionable solutions that should stay top of mind.


1 - Loss of Marketing Momentum

Sustaining marketing momentum is key for building awareness and driving consumer action. When momentum begins to waiver, adjusting your communication frequency, content and messaging, or even your target audience could help you get back on the right track. However, one additional area to review concerns the means used to manage your campaigns. Dispersing management efforts across several tools could prove more challenging for you to push out relevant content to your audience in a consistent and timely manner.

  • Solution: Centralize and automate your marketing efforts. Creating, launching, and managing your marketing materials from a single platform will help streamline your marketing efforts making it easier for you to deliver a cohesive campaign. Automating the delivery of these materials can help regulate your messaging, ensuring that your customers receive engaging content at the most opportune moments. Whether those moments revolve around a holiday, special promotion, or weekly newsletter blast you can be sure that your brand’s presence is persistent


2 – Single Channel Marketing  

Today people are increasingly consuming messages from a combination of digital and offline channels. Although, determining which of those channels work best for your customers can be dependent upon the type of product or service you offer or perhaps your designated demographic, neglecting to explore multiple communication channels as a viable addition to your campaign strategy can prevent you from gaining insightful consumer data.

  • Solution: Use a multi-channel marketing approach. Testing multiple channels for instance: email content, direct mailers or social media, allow you to measure how your customers interact with your messaging across different environments - data that can be used to strengthen the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Additionally, multi-channel marketing allows you to connect with your audience wherever they are, whether that is surfing online with mobile devices or shopping in-store.


3 - Customer & Prospect Mining

There’s time enough, but none to spare – Words conceived by essayist Charles W. Chesnutt, which in this context emphasize the marketer’s duty to pursue operational efficiency wherever possible. Seeking better ways to part with the taxing manual process of mining customer and prospect data opens several opportunities to personalize an audience’s experience to your marketing messages.

  • Solution: Focus on CRM integration. Utilizing a platform that has the capability to integrate your customer and prospect data will not only save you time, but also free up resources that should be spent tending to other campaign needs. Integrating CRM data with the right marketing platform can aid with user segmentation or help you develop content and deploy marketing assets based on customer data such as, sending an annual “thank you for your business” card during the anniversary of a closed sale. 


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Brittney Blanton
Account Manager

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