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Campaign Management

Introduced in 2013, TOTUS’ Campaign Management feature allows users to link stored documents together to be deployed at specific times in the sales cycle. With this powerful automated marketing system, TOTUS can easily coordinate multiple communications to deploy based on a selected date or time interval.

So, what does this mean for your team? It means less hassle, less work, and more time to focus on generating revenue.

How it Works

When TOTUS users subscribe to a campaign, the system automatically sends multiple “touches” to their stored contacts. A specific campaign could include an email followed five days later by a printed piece, followed 30 days later by another email. The specific frequency and materials are up to you -- choose the best campaign plan based on your audience and your goals.

By utilizing this marketing automation functionality, you can seamlessly optimize your outbound sales efforts with just a few simple clicks. And, since all of your materials are accessible in the TOTUS dashboard, you won’t have to worry about managing materials in multiple places. Instead, TOTUS keeps your organization’s marketing operation grouped together in a system that can be easily accessed by anyone in your company.

Coming Soon: Trigger Based Reactions

A new feature coming soon to TOTUS, trigger-based reactions allow marketers to further customize their campaigns by maximizing reach and personalizing engagement based on customers’ actions. For example, an email is sent and if the email is opened it triggers a direct mail piece, if it is not opened it may trigger another email in 60 days.

With TOTUS campaigns and trigger-based reactions, you can enhance your targeted communication strategy with your audience with almost no manual effort.

Think campaign management from TOTUS can help your team better communicate with your prospects and customers? For a full glimpse of TOTUS, request a demo or call us at 1-866-95-TOTUS.


Note: If you are a TOTUS customer, please contact your account manager for support inquiries.