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Financial Industry RESPA Compliance Case Study

For loan officers, relationships are the very cornerstone to any successful business. But ask any accomplished LO, and they will tell you: it’s not just building their client base that’s vital – more and more, loan officers have recognized that gaining local partners such as real estate agents, lawyers, or other settlement service providers in their field are vital to grow as well.


At Vanick Digital, we know today’s financial technology is far from slowing down. Tools such as marketing automation are now recognized in virtually every mortgage powerhouse in the United States. By applying marketing automation for these joint marketing ventures, LOs are able to network more efficiently within their communities and create for themselves a more recognizable brand.



One goal of a financial marketing team is to carefully manage industry relationships within their own organization’s legal and brand compliance guidelines, while also maintaining the regulations set by the Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act. When it comes to sharing advertising materials, RESPA defines the advertising costs associated as being split pro rata depending on the percentage amount each party is represented. Previous processes such as gathering joint payments and logging communications were not only an unnecessary headache for the loan officer, but were also more problematic to record, trace, and later analyze by their organizations. *



By creating a two-person authentication payment protocol for ordering joint marketing collateral in the TOTUS platform, loan officers and service partners can submit individual payments for their portion of the joint marketing venture as clearly defined on each individual marketing piece. Once payments are made and collateral is distributed, a digital record is established for later analytical reporting and can be viewed, shared, or defined by any amount of specific information, including by region, branch, or individual loan officer.



By understanding the growing needs the financial industry has placed on marketing automation, TOTUS continually evolves to meet the standards set in place by Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act. The smoother, stress free workflow benefits both the loan officers and the organizations they represent.


*Of course, the guidelines of RESPA can also produce various other examples within the confines of using joint marketing materials, and TOTUS presents solutions on a case-by-case assessment.

Whitney Brassfield
Account Executive

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