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Flexible Ad Builder

Need to place an ad but the stock size just doesn’t work? TOTUS has a solution for that. Our flexible ad builder works for both Web Banner ads and traditional print ads.

The AdBuilder functionality harnesses TOTUS’ ability to create customized documents along with the ability to scale and resizes ads to fit specs of any publication or website. Users can select images, headlines, add customization if needed and enter the parameters of the ads while TOTUS does the rest. The ad is automatically scaled and sized to fit the specs, producing a print-ready PDF or JPEG for consumption.

This functionality allows one ad template to be reused countless times for different publications, saving you time and money from having to create a custom ad for every size variation. This feature is just another reason that TOTUS is the best-in-class customer communication management tool on the market.


Note: If you are a TOTUS customer, please contact your account manager for support inquiries.