How Mortgage Loan Officers Benefit from Marketing Automation: Part 1

In past posts, we have covered topics relating to the mortgage industry and how marketing automation can help drive business by automating certain tasks. You can read our recommendations regarding overall marketing techniques and also more specific details on how marketing automation is helping the mortgage industry. As this technology becomes more mainstream in all industries, loan officers and mortgage companies are realizing that it can be integrated into their daily efforts as well.



We know that traditional marketing tactics like networking, print collateral, cold-calling, and marketing materials have generated positive results in the past, and many loan officers still rely on them for the majority of their business. There are several benefits, however, that many mortgage loan officers are enjoying as a result of applying this popular technology to their marketing efforts. In this 2-part post, we’ll look at some of those specific benefits.


Loan Officer Benefits of Marketing Automation


  • Consistent branding - Whether you are a solo venture or a company with 100+ loan officers, the benefits of consistent branding are equally as advantageous. The visuals of your marketing materials convey a message and by maintaining a consistent look and feel, you become easier to recognize, which instills a sense of trust in your audience. By some estimates, it can take anywhere from 5-20 touches before a lead converts to a sale, so making sure your materials communicate the correct information is essential.

    Using a marketing automation platform allows you to easily set up design templates for various types of materials. Maybe you enjoy handing out physical flyers to your prospects - simply tweak your messaging within the template and you’re ready to go. Perhaps you’d rather mail a postcard to your clients announcing a change in rates. It’s easy to have that template pre-set with your necessary info (contact details, headshot, etc.) so all you have to do is add your new message and send.


  • Resizing materials - A huge advantage of marketing automation is the ability to quickly resize materials to fit needed formats. For those loan officers who rely on designers to create marketing pieces, this immediately reduces the number of hours necessary to develop a campaign. Rather than creating each piece by hand, a marketing automation platform will allow you to take that Home Buying 101 flyer you like to hand out to prospects and - with a minimal amount of copy editing - turn it into a brochure, a postcard or even a social media post.


  • CRM integration - Most loan officers already have their database of leads, clients and partners in place to keep track of where each contact is in the funnel. Because they are so successful at managing a large amount of data at once, customer relationship management (CRM) tools are highly common in most sales organizations. In mortgage, they are considered “mission critical” and are growing exponentially in popularity.

    Integrating marketing automation with a CRM platform gives loan officers the ability to instantly send communications to their existing database. There is no need for duplicate data entry as it can all be mined and populated into any collateral templates that get created. Campaigns can be set to automatically reach out on special occasions (i.e. birthdays or loan anniversaries) rather than having to set a reminder or send a one-off communication. Additionally, data is centralized and can be updated in one place, making it more efficient and reliable for all parties.


Marketing automation is quickly being adapted in a wide variety of industries and the companies that leverage this technology are seeing incredible results. The Annuitas Group recently reported that businesses using marketing automation to nurture prospects see a 451% increase in qualified leads. While the mortgage industry has taken a little bit longer to adopt, loan officers who are using marketing automation are realizing the competitive advantage that it offers. As the technology continues to evolve and improve, those who choose to opt-in now will quickly distinguish themselves and rise to the top of the competition.


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