How Mortgage Loan Officers Benefit from Marketing Automation: Part 2

In past posts, we have covered topics relating to the mortgage industry and how marketing automation can help drive business by automating certain tasks. You can read our recommendations regarding overall marketing techniques and also some more specific details on how marketing automation is helping the mortgage industry. As this technology becomes more mainstream in all industries, loan officers and mortgage companies are realizing that it can be integrated into their daily efforts as well.



We know that traditional marketing tactics like networking, print collateral and cold-calling, marketing collateral have generated positive results in the past, and many loan officers still rely on them for the majority of their business. There are several benefits, however, that many mortgage loan officers are enjoying as a result of applying this popular technology to their marketing efforts. In part 1 of this 2-part post, we talked about consistent branding, resizing and CRM integration. In this second half, we will look at additional benefits.


Loan Officer Benefits of Marketing Automation


  • Payment Integration - In the mortgage industry, partnerships are made every day. A loan officer might pair with a local real estate agent to promote their business on active listings and upcoming open house events. Or they might develop an exclusive agreement with a home builder to reach a specific, targeted audience. As a result, it’s highly common to team up and divide the efforts by creating co-branded marketing materials.

    While it makes perfect sense to share the collateral workload, regulators also require all expenses to be shared. What used to be a big paperwork headache – as if loan officers didn’t have enough of those – is now simplified into a simple, streamlined workflow. The platform sends an invoice to outside partners that can be paid online. Once that transaction is complete, the system automatically notifies the loan officer and stores the record for compliance. It’s a win-win for all parties.


  • One-stop-shop - We all remember the days of digging through multiple locations trying to find the right type of collateral. Odds are, rather than finding what you needed, you probably gave up and just created something on your own. Unfortunately, this seems to be a common experience for many loan officers, but recently, some mortgage companies have realized that a lot of time can be saved by instead placing all marketing materials in one centralized location.

    Marketing automation platforms can store various types of marketing materials including: flyers, social media posts, brochures, promotional items, etc. Loan officers can immediately see what types of materials are available and access them whenever they are needed.


  • Automated disclosures - Regulations are constantly changing in the mortgage industry and marketing materials constantly need to be adjusted accordingly. If disclosures, legal language or other required verbiage is not added correctly to marketing materials, loan officers can be left vulnerable and at risk. With marketing automation, all requirements are built into design templates and automatically populated based on specified parameters.

    Loan officers benefit from this technology twofold - they can be assured that they are safe from potential legal liabilities and, since the disclosures are added in the system and pre-approved by compliance, they no longer need to wait for each individual piece to be approved. They can simply choose a template, auto-populate and go.


Marketing automation is quickly being adapted in a wide variety of industries and the companies that leverage this technology are seeing incredible results. The Annuitas Group recently reported that businesses using marketing automation to nurture prospects see a 451% increase in qualified leads. While the mortgage industry has taken a little bit longer to adopt, loan officers who are using marketing automation are realizing the competitive advantage that it offers. As the technology continues to evolve and improve, those who choose to opt-in now will quickly distinguish themselves and rise to the top of the competition.


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