Manufacturing Marketing Case Study: IPS Corporation - Part 1

We strive to keep our customers happy and help them automate their business. Recently, we sat down with one of our Totus subscribers, Kariann Holland, Marketing Manager of the Plumbing Division at IPS Corporation. If you haven’t heard of IPS Corporation, they are a leading manufacturer of plumbing and roofing products, solvent cements, and adhesives for residential, commercial and industrial use. Based in Southern California, they are an international company with sales teams based throughout the world. They manufacture their own products and manage eight different brands. We wanted to see exactly how TOTUS has helped them streamline their marketing process, below is part 1 of our 2-part case study.



Q: Thank you for meeting with us to share your story, can you start by introducing yourself and telling us how IPS Corporation decided to look for a marketing automation platform?

A: My pleasure, I’m happy to meet with the TOTUS team as you’ve been such an integral part of this process. I’m Kariann Holland and I’m the Marketing Manager for IPS Corporation’s Plumbing Division. We manufacture rough-in plumbing products and distribute through wholesale distribution. We are represented by sales agencies all across the country, so we needed a way to facilitate the distribution of our marketing materials. We started thinking about a marketing automation product to help us streamline some very manual processes that we had been using for quite a while.


Q: Believe it or not, we hear that quite a bit - many companies are still relying on highly manual processes to get things done. Can you tell us about that manual process and what type of solution you were looking for? What problem did you want to solve?

A: Oh good, I don’t feel so bad then. Yes, we were still operating parts of our business like we had been for decades. We had a person whose job was probably about 75% processing literature orders and managing those orders in an excel spreadsheet. Yes, I know...old school. Not only was it time consuming, but it also opened up a lot of room for error. On top of that, she was actually packaging the orders up herself and shipping them out. So, her job was actually 75% focused on that. When we found Totus, we were able to free up a lot of that manual process and focus on higher return activities.


Q: When you say “literature orders”, do you mean marketing collateral? Like a brochure?

A: Yes, thanks for clarifying. Our collateral library consists mostly of brochures and informational flyers since we deal with distributors. We refer to our marketing materials as literature.


Q: So after you decided to look for a marketing automation platform, you obviously found TOTUS and chose it as your vendor. What was your experience like during implementation and how long did it take?

A: I feel very fortunate because my experience with the TOTUS team–and the product–has been fantastic. In fact, the hardest part was the search. There were so many options out there and it got a little overwhelming trying to decide which would work best for us. Ultimately, we liked that TOTUS was so customizable and that it allowed us to subscribe on a month-to-month basis. Once we got to implementation, it took us about 2-3 weeks. The process was extremely easy and went so much faster than I expected. It was very user-friendly and the team was right there to help support with any questions we had.


Q: That’s great, I’m so glad to hear that the process was easy and the team was supportive. That’s exactly our goal! Knowing that you are an international company managing several different brands and working through distributors, did you encounter any difficulty integrating with your vendors?

A: It truly was a great experience working with the team, I can’t say enough about how responsive and flexible they were. And you’re right, since we work directly with distributors, we needed a way for them to place orders directly so we could bypass the manual process of taking/fulfilling orders and free up our internal resource. Integrating multiple vendors into TOTUS was very simple. It’s actually one of the great benefits of TOTUS. You can put in one order and the vendors, the multiple vendors can fulfill off that one order so it’s a very simple process.


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