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How to Know You’re Ready for Marketing Automation


If you’re a marketer or business owner and ever thought to yourself “I sure wish I had a way to automate this (fill in any piece of content) that I’ve created about 25 times now, or if you’re still pushing email blasts out as campaigns, you might be ready to take your marketing up a notch and automate. 


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We dove into the nitty gritty of why you need a marketing automation solution in a previous blog post, but in case you didn’t read it yet, we’ll summarize. Not only will you build brand awareness, but you can optimize resources and focus on new marketing ventures. Not to mention the ability to nurture leads, increase conversions and tailor messaging to multiple audiences.


We’ve written about marketing automation being successfully used in the mortgage and franchise industries, but in fact, the technology has been effective across the board. In a 2017 article by CMO.com, it states that “77% of CMOs at top-performing companies indicate their most compelling reason for implementing marketing automation is to grow revenue”. If you’ve got marketing automation on the brain, but aren’t quite sure whether you’re ready for it yet, continue reading.



Top 3 Signs That You’re Ready for a Marketing Automation Solution


1. You’re creating that same flyer...again - So you’ve got great collateral and everyone wants to use it, which is fantastic. Until EVERYONE wants to use it. Marketing departments can quickly find themselves in the business of being a collateral factory when they are trying to do everything manually. A lot of time and energy gets spent personalizing one piece of content for multiple people, which is draining on your creative team and not the best use of your marketing resources. With a marketing automation platform, you can build out templates for various types of collateral (flyers, tri-folds, postcards, etc.) that get personalized automatically. It’s a win-win for everyone.


2. You have no idea what assets are being used - Maybe you feel confident in your asset library - you’ve got a wide variety of materials, different messaging for different audiences and people SEEM to take advantage of what’s available. While we admire the certitude, the fact is that you just can’t be sure how much is actually being used. The problem for many companies who don't have an organized asset library is that they have no way of tracking ROI or determining what is and isn’t working. Having the ability to generate reports and see the data of what pieces are being consumed will tell you immediately where you need to direct your resources as you continue to build up your offerings.


3. Compliance has you on speed dial - Every marketer who works in an industry that has regulations (are there any that don’t?) knows that you’ve got to make room for the fine print. And if that fine print isn’t there, you’re going to hear about it for years to come. Depending on your industry, you might even face hefty fines or at least a public flogging (kidding...we think). One of the beauties of marketing automation is that all of the legal mumbo-jumbo can be built into the backend system - meaning you don’t have to remember to copy/paste disclosures and the compliance department can finally give you the peace and quiet you’ve been dreaming of.


If you’re not convinced yet about being ready for marketing automation, might we suggest reading our customer case study from a Marketing Director in the Mortgage Industry. She, like you, was aware of a few problems with how her marketing department was functioning and that she needed to find a solution. She didn’t, however, know that marketing automation was the solution until our direct mail piece landed on her desk one day (we’re not kidding). How’s that for proof that this automation thing really works? 



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