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Spend Management

TOTUS offers multiple ways to control spend from a company’s perspective including budgets and credit cards. TOTUS’s Spend Management tools give you complete control over your marketing budget in an easy-to-use, centralized dashboard.

At its core, TOTUS is a management tool for your communications supply chain. Once you’ve consolidated your materials and internal and external contact information, TOTUS becomes more than a communications conduit; it becomes a command-and-control center for all of your sales and marketing initiatives.

Total Budget Control

Transactional in structure, the shared TOTUS dashboard is as simple as online shopping. TOTUS users simply click on the materials they need, specify recipients and delivery method, and charge their materials against their account – which you control.

In addition to giving you centralized cost control, TOTUS encourages everyone in your organization to think strategically about when and how to spend marketing dollars. Budgets can be assigned to an entire site, cost center, group of users or an individual allowing you to customize your allocations based on your business strategy.

When initial allocations have been exhausted, you can enable further spending or not. If you wish, overages can be put on a credit card – just one more way to extend a culture of cost-accountability throughout your organization. TOTUS is PCI Compliant software so you’ll have the added confidence that your payment information is protected and secure.

Robust Reporting Engine

Once you have control of your budget in place, robust reporting helps you track your marketing program in granular detail, because it unifies all relevant information – your marketing materials, TOTUS users, customers, prospects, and expenditures. In just a few clicks, you’ll improve your decision making by getting a complete report of your organization’s activity

At the same time, TOTUS optimizes your inventory management, ensuring that you have exactly what you need on the shelves, and nothing more. Automated analytical tools track consumption trends, and detailed, up-to-date inventory reports can be generated at any time.

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Note: If you are a TOTUS customer, please contact your account manager for support inquiries.