Top Benefits of Marketing Automation

If you have been following our blog posts, you know that we are big believers in marketing automation. Day in and day out, we see our customers centralize their systems and improve their business processes. It’s no wonder that as of 2017, over 51% of companies were already using marketing automation, a number that only continues to rise. While adopting a new technology is a big undertaking, the results are proving that the benefits far outweigh the cost. Companies that have taken the time to invest in marketing automation are surpassing their goals and exceeding expectations.



A recent emailmonday article cites a 2017 survey conducted by Liana Technologies in which respondents were asked to rank the benefits they realized after adopting a marketing automation platform. Below are the 7 benefits they found most important.


Top Benefits of Marketing Automation

  1. Improved targeting of messages (68.5%) – Automated platforms will not only deploy your campaigns according to the rules that you define; they will also personalize each individual email. They even have the ability deliver a tailored message based on behavior. For example, let’s say a prospect opens the first email in a campaign series and clicks on a content link. Based on your pre-defined rules and triggers, that prospect could then be sent a specific follow up message or be assigned directly to your sales team for follow-up.

  2. Improved customer experience (45.9%) – It goes without saying that the more you can streamline and organize your marketing department, the better the experience will be for those that you touch. This applies not only to users of your platform, but for leads as well. With automated email campaigns, readers have the option to unsubscribe and be removed from your list. For those who are interested, there is a clear path to connect and learn more. For users, there is a one-stop-shop to access all collateral and materials that they need.

  3. Better quality of leads (37.7%) – Marketing automation allows your campaigns to do the heavy lifting of filtering levels of interest, which means by the time leads are pushed out of the nurture cycle and into the sales funnel, they are more qualified and closer to conversion.

  4. Getting more leads (34.9%) – One advantage of an automated platform is scalability. Once a campaign is developed, it can be sent to 100 leads or 1000 leads with little additional effort. Also, rather than the traditional model of remembering to manually reach out to prospects, the system will deploy messaging according to a pre-defined schedule. As marketers, we know that the more touch points you have with a prospect, the more likely they are to become a customer.

  5. Improved efficiency/ROI in marketing (32.9%) – By having a one-stop-shop for all of your marketing materials, it becomes much easier to track behavior and engagement of each prospect. It also sets both sales and marketing teams up with instant visibility to data that otherwise may have been time-consuming or nearly impossible to track down. Marketing can see what audiences are most responsive or what content generates the most action. Sales can look at the lead history and know where they are starting.

  6. Higher conversion (30.1%) – As mentioned in benefit #3, leads are nurtured in the during cycle and pushed to sales only after they have become “qualified”. Each company according to their own parameters defines that designation. This ensures that prospects are further down the funnel when a salesperson sees them, thereby generating a higher conversion rate.

  7. Closer cooperation between marketing and sales (29.5%) – Automating your lead workflow requires a team effort from both marketing and sales departments. Processes that might historically have been very siloed, now function as a connected workflow, which means communication between marketing and sales teams is essential.


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