Top 4 Features of Marketing Automation

We’ve written extensively over the past year about Marketing Automation and how integral it has been in streamlining and simplifying marketing departments in all industries. Whether you’re a small or large business and you’re considering a Marketing Automation platform, it’s likely because you’ve heard all of the great things that this technology can do. You can probably identify at least one area of your marketing department that is still operating with manual processes, or at least some level of manual function. You may have even heard about Marketing Automation, but just aren’t sure yet if it’s the right solution for you. Keep reading.


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We recently highlighted the Top Benefits of Marketing Automation as reported by actual users of the technology. In the same emailmonday article, one study is highlighted that calls out what the users view as most important features that generated the biggest impact for them. This article will look at those four features and how they make a difference.


Top 4 Features of Marketing Automation

  1. Email Marketing (89%) – One-off email blasts no longer provide high value to customers. Instead, companies are seeing results when using automated campaigns to set up activity-based triggers that, in turn, send targeted messages. Rather than deploying a solo email and directing to a generic landing page where customer data may or may not be captured, an automated campaign will monitor the path taken by each recipient and allow you to integrate that information with other internal systems–a feature we will also discuss in this post. One DMA study found that 66% of online consumers made their purchase through an email campaign–that is a higher conversion rate than more traditional (and costly) direct mail campaigns like letters, postcards and catalogs.

  2. Lead Nurture (84%) – Not every prospect will be ready to convert as soon as they express interest. They may want more information or simply need more time for consideration. In those instances, a lead nurture campaign allows you to stay in touch with potential customers and gently lead them down a path to action. This path can be built-out on the backend and, once a lead is placed into that path, they will automatically be moved from one stage to the next. Advanced analytics will help you understand their behavior and guide you with future marketing choices.

    It’s not surprising that lead nurture was ranked highly by the survey group. Not only does this feature provide a less-invasive, softer experience for leads, but it also results in better-qualified leads being sent to the sales team. During a lead nurture cycle, the prospect gets educated and familiarized with your product and/or message and can choose their next steps on their own time.

  3. Cross-channel Campaign Management (82%) – There are numerous channels (i.e. website, direct mail, digital advertising, email, etc.) that businesses can leverage to send their message to potential customers and those options seem to increase daily. While it’s great to have so many options from a marketing perspective, it can quickly become difficult to manage. Trying to maintain multiple platforms or vendors that focus on different channels simply isn’t efficient. Essentially what this means is that your customers could be anywhere - and you need to be there as well.

    One thing we can count on is that these channels will continue to evolve and grow, which makes a technology that pulls all those channels together even more valuable.

  4. Integrations (80%) – One of the reasons for implementing a Marketing Automation platform is the ability to integrate with other systems being used in the company. Rather than being siloed and cut-off from valuable data, your marketing department can have instant access to knowledge already housed in your CRM system, for example. That customer intelligence can be mined and built into the nurture process, which adds to the customer experience.

    A popular example of this would be to leverage a special date (i.e. birthday, anniversary, etc.) and build out an automated message. This helps build trust with your customers and stay top of mind, leading to an improved relationship.


We agree with the respondents of this survey that these four features can have a huge impact on your marketing efforts. We also know of several more. If you’d like to continue reading about those, we suggest starting with our recent blog post here.


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