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Why Your Business Should Use a Presentation Builder

Think about the last time you witnessed a successful sales presentation. Did it involve the presenter giving a string of data and statistics? Or, were there visuals, stories, and maybe even videos? Did the presentation look like it had been given to various other audiences, or did it seem like it was created just for that occasion?

Strong presentations make it look like the creator went to great lengths to make something attention-grabbing and customized, but it doesn’t have to take a lot of money, time or ability to craft the perfect message for your target audience. There is a way to make a customized, branded, captivating deck with less effort and better results. The secret? Presentation automation software.

PowerPoint is the second most used software next to email, so it’s expected that PowerPoint will be used to create a sales presentation. Even though PowerPoint is a ubiquitous presentation builder, it’s often not used as effectively as it could be. Presentation automation software creates dynamic, brand-approved PowerPoint slides with just a few simple steps.

Here are a few ways that a presentation builder can improve your business.

It’s less time-consuming. Customers have different needs, so effective sales presentations can’t be one size fits all. Crafting a custom presentation takes time and effort, and sometimes starting from scratch isn’t an option. With presentation automation software, there’s no need to build from the ground up, so you can spend more time selling and less time creating. Presentation building software is also easy to use, so your employees will have no trouble quickly learning the functionality.

It ensures brand control. Slides are designed with your brand standards in mind and loaded into the system with standardized elements to prevent inconsistency. You can even add an approval process to ensure that all content is accurate before the presentation is finalized.

It grabs attention (and potentially increases revenue!). This is the ultimate goal of a sales presentation. If you want prospects to take your business seriously, you have to have a presentation that looks professional instead of homemade. People may not notice if your slides are on brand, but they will notice if you fail to invest in the quality of your creative. Having a strong template gives you a starting point for an appealing sales pitch that utilizes graphics and other visuals. By capturing the attention of your audience, your business has the potential to convert prospects into customers.


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