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In this 3-part guest blog series, we sit down and talk to one of our Totus subscribers in the mortgage industry. Operating in over 40 states and employing approximately 150 loan officers in the field, they were in a pivotal position of growth and were looking for technology to help them scale easily. This is their journey to the discovery of marketing automation and how it helped transform their business.

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Marketing automation has generated impressive increases in both open and click rates and become a highly-adopted tool in the digital marketing world. We have seen that 66% of online consumers made their purchase through an email campaign - that’s a higher conversion rate than more traditional (and costly) direct mail campaigns. In this article, we explore how marketing automation helps your email stand out against the competition.

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Whether you are sending one-off email blasts to communicate with your customers or you haven’t tried emailing at all, you’re going to want to read this article. We look at what marketing automation is, how it can help you improve your business and the top 7 reasons why you need to adopt this strategy now.

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Think about the last time you witnessed a successful sales presentation. Did it involve the presenter giving a string of data and statistics? Or, were there visuals, stories, and maybe even videos? Did the presentation look like it had been given to various other audiences, or did it seem like it was created just for that occasion?

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Take a look at B2B lead generation over the last 20 years. Modern marketing budgets are on the rise, with more channels to cover. Learn more about how the world of B2B lead generation has changed over the past 20 years and where it might be in the next 10.

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