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In this 3-part guest blog series, we sit down and talk to one of our Totus subscribers in the mortgage industry. They were in a pivotal position of growth and were looking for technology to help them scale easily. This is their journey to the discovery of marketing automation and how it helped transform their business.

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While digital marketing has been popularized by marketing automation, we realize that there is still a need for printed marketing materials. Whether it be a presentation that requires handouts, last minute flyers for an open house or a quarterly report that needs binding, our FedEx Office integration has you covered.

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Not only are medical device marketers faced with common marketing hurdles such as scalability and personalization, they are also trying to overcome them in a business based on connecting with people and quickly establishing trust. Medical marketing is as much about establishing relationships as it is about actual marketing. We explore our ways that marketing automation helps the medical device industry successfully implement multi-channel marketing campaigns and connect with their customer.

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Marketing automation for social media is vital to reaching your audience quickly and effectively. For as much time and attention that your customers, prospects and influencers are spending on social media, it’s important to go where they are to drive revenue and awareness. How do you ensure a winning social strategy, and how can marketing automation help you achieve this?

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Co-branding is a way for companies to combine efforts and create an even more valuable product, offer or service. As more companies continue to adopt marketing automation platforms, they are seeing the benefits of co-branding. We’ll explore some examples of who is co-branding, why they do it and how easy it has become to co-brand using an automated platform.

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