Solutions for every aspect of your marketing communications

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Campaign management

TOTUS’ built-in campaign feature allows users to subscribe with one click. Campaigns that celebrate events such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays go out seamlessly. This customer engaging feature allows multiple documents to be linked together and deployed at different time intervals creating a multi-step marketing campaign. These campaigns can range from direct mail to email and are set up to run automatically.

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Approval Process

Ensure documents are on-brand and on-budget with TOTUS’s workflow-based approval process. This feature allows an approval group to give the go-ahead on orders before they are finalized.
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Send-time optimization

TOTUS’s send-time optimization feature tracks your customer’s email behavior (opens, clicks, etc.), so it automatically knows the best time to send email for an optimal open rate. The feature becomes more useful over time, as the application is able to analyze more information.
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TOTUS allows users to create co-branding profiles for all of their partners. This information can easily be pulled into documents to create customized materials.
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Contact management with list filtering

TOTUS’s contact management feature with list filtering allows users to send customized communications to targeted distribution lists using specific filters. This ensures that customers are getting personalized information instead of blanket communications.
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Track all spending through TOTUS, including individual or cost-center based budgets, with our thorough reporting capabilities. When the budget runs out, users have the option of using a credit card for transactions.