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Outbound Communication

Print/Pickup at FedEx Office

TOTUS is integrated with FedEx Office, which means that users can send materials directly for print at more than 1500 FedEx Office locations nationwide.

Variable Data Capable Print

TOTUS allows for your static marketing materials to come alive through variable data processing. Allow your users to select messages and images specific to their audience, or even add their headshot. Customization is easy in TOTUS.

Personalized HTML E-mail with Analytics

You can deliver all material in the collateral library via e-mail directly to your customer. Because e-mail is a fully integrated part of TOTUS, it’s easy to create and send. Your customer’s and prospect’s communication preferences are stored in TOTUS. And with real time analytics, you can see how your messages are performing.

Customized PowerPoint Builder

With TOTUS, building customized PowerPoint presentations that are on-brand and legally compliant is simple. The system controls the output, so there’s never any doubt that your brand is being appropriately represented.

Customized Ad Builder for Web and Print

TOTUS gives users the ability to resize print and web banner ads creating one template that can be used for multiple publications


Marketing Departments no longer have to create one off email signatures.  Allow your users to create their own personalized and brand compliant eSignatures with just a few quick clicks!


TOTUS users don’t have to make a special request every time they need to download or send a file because TOTUS’s document repository stores logos, hi-res images, PDFs, MP3s and audio files.

Email as Attachment

Any document created in TOTUS can be deployed via email as an attachment. Your customized document is delivered directly to your recipient with email analytics to show if the communication was opened.

Send Time Optimization

Take the guess work out of predicting customer behavior with send time optimization. This TOTUS feature monitors email behavior, like opens, clicks, etc., to create an algorithm for each of your contacts. Using this information, TOTUS then determines the best time to send an email to each individual contact to ensure a high open rate. The feature only improves over time, as the system tracks more and more information from your customers.

Electronic Greeting Cards

Our electronic greeting cards allow your sales force to strengthen personal customer relationships by sending regular greetings on holidays, birthdays, etc. Combine this as a step in a multi-channel marketing campaign and you have a powerful touchpoint.


PURLs or personalized URLs are weblinks used for facilitating and tracking personalized customer interactions. These can be deployed via a printed piece or an HTML email. When the recipient accesses the link they will be given a custom landing page and TOTUS will track their interactions with that page and report back to you. Examples would be a survey, an Evite or a lead generation form. This information is transferred back into the TOTUS portal for you to use for additional marketing to that customer or just adding them to a contact list for future marketing opportunities.

Social Media

TOTUS users can instantly post brand-compliant content on almost any social media platform.

Campaign Management

TOTUS offers multi-channel marketing campaigns.  This self-servicing feature links multiple documents such as direct mail or html emails together and deploys them at specified times or events set by the campaign. Users are able to easily subscribed with one click.

Premium Fulfillment

House your customer communications in one place with TOTUS. This powerful, easy-to-use application allows your sales team to send documents and other items directly to any recipient using either your vendor or ours.

Personalized and Interactive PDFs

Available in TOTUS, interactive PDF’s are a powerful technology that combines sleek marketing appeal with detailed information. PDFs are customized and links are added allowing an offline PDF to work like a mini website, giving your customers a truly interactive experience.

List Management

Contact Management

TOTUS allows users to easily manage their contacts. There are robust options for segmenting, personalizing, and deploying communications. Users also have the ability to create customized distribution lists with our list filters, so it’s simple to send targeted messages to specific audiences.

Permissioned Lists

You control who has access to each list and who is authorized to modify each list – enabling you to simultaneously empower your team and control the ways your lists are used.

List Filtering

Users can create targeted distribution lists using contact list filters and attach those to campaigns to make sure every customer is getting the most customized message for their needs.

Integrated List Purchase with USADATA

TOTUS is integrated with USADATA/Acxiom to provide users the ability to purchase a targeted marketing list based on hundred's of demographic and locational parameters. Users simply check the information they are looking for, and are provided a contact list within seconds.

Address Validation and NCOA with MelissaData

TOTUS is integrated with MelissaData to provide up to date address validation and NCOA services, meaning your direct mail campaigns will be accurate, clean and deliverable.

Integration Technologies

Vendor Console

Have a print or fulfillment vendor you want to continue using? Our Vendor software allows them to easily and efficiently receive orders from TOTUS, no integration required. Vendors are able to report back to TOTUS with order information such as tracking so your users are always in the know on the status of their orders.

Multi-Vendor Broker Model

TOTUS’s multi-vendor model helps you get the best bang for your buck when it comes to processing orders. One vendor can handle fulfillment, while another takes care of printing – and it’s all seamless for the user. This enables you to shop around for the most appropriate and affordable vendor for each job.


TOTUS can be configured to allow for single sign on authentication from any internal system you may have, making it even easier for user to access their marketing materials.

SOAP Web Services

TOTUS has multiple SOAP Web Services available to clients to automate various processes including adding new users, adding new contacts, and keeping manager relationships up to date.

Data Security

PCI Compliant

With our Credit Card vaulting service, users can pay for their own marketing materials via credit card- and you can have the assurance that purchases made on TOTUS are secure.

SSL Encryption

TOTUS uses SSL encryption to make sure all activities on TOTUS are secure.  Keeping your users and customer data safe is our highest priority.

Database Encryption using SQL Server Enterprise

On top of being PCI compliant with credit cards, and using SSL encryption on every site, TOTUS encrypts all databases to protect your user and customer data.

Broker Features

Shipping Rate Calculations

Have a great corporate shipping rate through FedEx or UPS? TOTUS can calculate shipping real time based on individual FedEx and UPS shipping account numbers- this also provides users with the most accurate price when placing their orders.

Tiered Pricing

TOTUS can accommodate tiered pricing and pricing breaks based on quantity ordered, this is a great feature for fulfillment items or detailed printed items that the price may change based on how many are ordered.

Fulfillment Inventory Management

TOTUS helps users market more effectively with fulfillment inventory management. This built-in tool reports the status of all inventory, so when supplies are getting low, users have the ability to easily order more.

Other Features

Spending and Budget Management

Track every dollar with TOTUS’s spending and budget management tools. You can monitor individual or cost-based budgets with robust reporting capabilities, and, once the budget has been depleted, users can enter a credit card to complete subsequent transactions.

Credit Card Purchasing

Purchase materials easily and securely with TOTUS’s credit card vaulting service.

User-Interface Customization

Want TOTUS to match your company's brand standards, or seamlessly integrate into your intranet? The user interface of TOTUS is completely customizable - we can help you design a home page and user interface that mimics internal or external websites.

Digital Asset Management

TOTUS is a document repository of all types of files including logos, hi-resolution imagery,PDF's, MP3's, and audio files. Users can download these or send them via email without having to request the latest and greatest from marketing.

Messaging Center

TOTUS' messaging center allows for you to quickly and easily communicate with your user base about new initiatives or upcoming site changes. These messages are easy to configure and very effective.

Approval Workflows

TOTUS’s workflow-based approval process ensures that all outgoing content is brand-approved and on-budget. After a user completes the order process, an approval notification is automatically sent to an approval group, and that group gives the go-ahead on finalizing the transaction.

Management Reporting Engine

TOTUS provides out-of-the-box and customized reporting options that give you complete visibility of your marketing initiatives – thereby giving you the tools to assess and improve your communication program at every level. Can't find what you're looking for? We can easily update any report or create a new one from scratch to meet your needs.

Communication History and Status

Can't remember what materials you've sent to your customers? Our contact panel carries all the history of past communications by contact. This allows you to observe what's working for current customers and how to better market to prospects.

Email Preheader

TOTUS allows email an pre-header to be added to HTML emails. This is the personalized text that shows up in your inbox under the subject line and statistics show that emails with preview text have 40% higher open rates. This can be "locked" on the document by marketing or can be adjusted by users to increase open rates for their email campaigns.

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