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Mortgage and Financial services marketing operates in an amazingly fast paced and competitive world. With lots of options for buyers, how can loan officers stand out in a cluttered space? Furthermore, how can corporate marketing ensure that the companies’ message is being heard and compliance regulations are upheld?   It is vital that corporate marketing and representatives in the field are on the same page. Corporate marketing has the vision and strategy for the company, but mortgage sales are made on a relationship basis. This is where TOTUS comes in. The TOTUS platform, is a multi-channel, distributed marketing automation tool that increases marketing efficiencies by allowing producers to quickly personalize and customize marketing materials of any channel while maintaining not only brand and legal standards, but also compliancy.

The easy to use interface gives loan officers the feeling of online shopping and allows them to personalize marketing materials to fit the relationship they share with their prospect, partner or customer. Whether it’s a multi-channel campaign, or a quick hello email, items are personalized and distributed in seconds; all while maintaining marketing messaging and compliance. All items ordered within the system are tracked and reportable giving marketing the statistics they need to show upper management what is going on in the field.

Finally, TOTUS can integrate with any CRM or LOS on the market- in fact we are already integrated with some of the biggest names out there- this integration allows for all your customer and prospect data to be passed seamlessly into TOTUS then used to create specific, targeted communications, making your customers feel unique and valued.

With so many marketing channels available through TOTUS- it’s easy to see why the top ranked mortgage company and another 2 of the top 10 have chosen TOTUS to handle their marketing and maintain compliance. 


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