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IPS Corporation Testimony

Learn how IPS Corporation was able to streamline many manual processes and focus their attention on higher return activities by selecting TOTUS as their marketing automation platform.

Many businesses in manufacturing rely heavily on traditional marketing channels such as trade shows, printed catalogs or in-person sales calls. Nothing is wrong with these tactics; of course, they still work well for some and continue to drive business. There are, however, limitations to these more traditional marketing efforts–they aren’t easily scalable, they require a significant amount of resources and they can’t be applied quickly to the distributed workforces commonly found in the industry.

With the help marketing automation technology, manufacturing companies have been able to not only save time and resources, but also generate more leads in the process. Sales reps can automate their processes and deliver an improved prospect experience. They are able to generate and deliver specs sheets or other marketing collateral as needed, from any location, at any time–rather than setting up reminders and having to follow up directly.

TOTUS has enabled several manufacturing companies to streamline their marketing process, empower their sales teams and scale their business.


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